Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Secret Wars

Following the tradition of the Zimulated Experiences album this one is all spaced up except that it contains more features like Darkzeid with his dark and powerful voice, DK Toon, Neb Luv, Dandelion, Big Foot, the almighty P.E.A.C.E. and Quantum Gamma Zenith aka Orion South. For Orion South I was wondering for years if he really is a different person because it is difficult to distinguish him from Phoenix Orion's voice. I think they are cousins and I once heard that Phoenix Orion and Orion South didn't talked to each others for years but got reunited again. But as Phoenix seems to live in Vegas now it looks like that they currently don't do music together...
For this album there is also a very nice 2x12" with one record rotating at 331/3rpm containing Hip-Hop music and the other one rotating at 45rpm and containing Drum'n'Bass music.


mosesckaine said...

I cannot see the track list so i was wondering if this is a copy of the record or the cd. the cd has many tracks that are not on the record as i am sure you know.

meeee said...

This one is the CD version.
It contains all the tracks from it.