Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Widow Prizum - A Brooklyn Kind Of Life

Now it's getting more serious. A slept on album from Widow Prizum containing tracks from 6 ultra rare 12"es namely:

  • Danger/A Brooklyn Kind Of Life.../Bedstuy Sound
  • No Champagne, Just Blunts N' Heineken/ Pass It Around
  • Alert The Masses / Crab Niggaz
  • Back In The Days / New York - Paris Freestyle
  • Jetlag
  • New York New York / Danger
These records were all released around 1997 on Psycho V Records and I would consider them to be the Marcy Projects of what Phoenix Orion is often rapping. Probably they were recorded some years before, maybe! There is not much knowledge about everything because I think that the people from Widow Prizum/Alien Nation prefer to stay underground or maybe I should just ask :D
Ah and not to forget, Widow Prizum are Cosmic Ray from Alien Nation and Ikiea!

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Jack Devo said...

I never knew Window Prizum was Cosmic Ray! How did I not know that? Thanks for posting up this rareness!