Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Alien Nation - Millenium

I let myself some time to post up the Alien Nation stuff which I was maniacally collecting for some years now but herewith it starts! It is the Aliens first album which was meant to be released on Pallas Records, only a promo single was. The whole album was mastered in 2003 by Al T who also produced most of it. There are also 2 tracks by Fat Jack and one by Dee Jay and features come from Abstract Rude (dope track!) and Mikah 9 and I think KoKo.

I'll offer you two different versions, the mastered and an unmastered version which is very interesting too, because some tracks on it are way more longer!


Jack Devo said...

I can't wait to hear this unmastered version. Thanks again, Meeee!

Jan Vronský said...

Very good album. I cant believe its from 93 or 94. Thank you!