Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Albums, I better shouldn't have sold/lost Part VI

Another compilation but this time its with a totally different cast! Celestial Recordings only label based compilation brings you the Alien Nation, P.E.A.C.E., Self Jupiter, DK Toon, Ellay Khule and others from Vortex Recordings a subsidiary of Celestial. One very interesting thing about it is the hint inside that they already had the Zimulated Experiences II in the works. The track "Close Encounters" appears here and there. You can also find tracks from the Beneath The Surface compilation, the Alien Nation album "Earth Defenders", Naptron's "Styles Of Madness", Hive's "Working With Sound", Phoenix Orion's "Zimulated Experiences", Supernatural's "Armageddon At Your Door 12" "  and from some Vortex releases I think which are Drum'n'Bass and not Hip-Hop.

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Johny Lopez said...

Plz re-up this I wanna listen to it!!