Monday, March 15, 2010

Maleko - Omnidirectional

You probably wonder why I'm upping so much Maleko stuff today. Today I found some older links that are still working and I thought about sharing the music with you. As you can see on the picture of the cover there are a lot of artists on this album, so much that I am not able to tag them all! Here is a citation from P-Minus:
The mighty Maleko cranks out another winner with 18 lovely tracks featuring ALL of your favorite underground emcees and producers: Tommy V., Raj, Randy & Psuedo (Lip Service), Neila, Da Golden Ray, Jundax,  Ian, Space Ranger, Ceschi & David Ramos (Anonymous Inc.), Enzyme (Organics), Rage, Agile, Triangulum, Matre, Radioinactive, Autoflo, Optimus Rhymes, Deeskee, Nocturnal Ron, Mr. Slugsworth, Gunther B., Jericho J., Kiko, WD4D, Anti-MC and PBoFA.

That's almost 73 minutes of wonderful stuff that proves that the northern California underground hip hop scene is one of the most vibrant and collaborative around.

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