Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Phoenix has risen

On Philaflava AlienNationRadio posted up a list of all the stuff that Phoenix Orion made. In this list is release that is called Funk La Planet and dated to 1993, can it be that this one was recorded in 1993 and not around 1997?

Having a chat with Al 'T' who produced this one together with Jay Rodriguez it can be possible but it's not sure! What he told me is that Benjamin Deffe who runs the label Funk La Planet didn't pay Al T for his work and studio time and he didn't credited Al T's & Jay Rodriguez work correctly, he didn't even mention their Publisher on the record!
To come back to the  recording, 1993 could be possible, in 1994 the Millenium album was recorded by Al T and there was also a release from Groove Collective with a feature of...Phoenix Orion! And guess who a member of the Groove Collective is? Yeah, Jay Rodriguez.

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